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DAW’s Have Come A Long Way

001DAW’s have come a long way in the 10 years I’ve been recording. My first rig was a Digi 001 which was THE SHIT back then. Now It’s not much. The 003’s are out in a rack or console version. I still have the 001 and would you believe I still record with it at times.

A lot of people like to bring Protools projects they’ve been working on to me to mix so it’s always a good idea to keep at least a small Protools system around. But I usually end up going through many different systems (FL Studio and Reason etc.) before I give them back.

Many of the projects they bring me have audio problems, mainly the low and high mids need a lot of work. Sometimes there isn’t any of those frequencies at all. The one thing that I learn over and over is it really helps to have someone from the outside to come in and lend you a fresh pair of ears.

Whether they give us good or bad input, it almost always help make the mix better.

Through the years, I’ve learned a lot about recording and mixing. And these software packages have given me an education that I could not afford any other way.

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