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Propellerhead’s Recycle Problems

propellerhead-recycle-boxI got Propellerhead’s Recycle a couple of days ago, and I’m finding it hard to understand. Is it so easy that it’s just going over my head? I’ve read the quickstart that comes with the manual, but whenever I do what they’re telling me, I get stumped.

So I went online to find something similar to the Ask Video Tutorials you can get with Reason, but I’m not having any luck. I’ll probably take the weekend to try to figure it out.

I really should have came up with better questions before I got this one. But people I’ve been recording have really been at me to get it. Especially the hiphop guys. They really swear by this. But after I got it, I noticed none of them have volunteered to help me with it.

Those rapping bastards. Silly silly rapping basturds.

So, I know the main thing you can do is save to rex files, but can you also save to aiff or wav? The reason I ask is I don’t have many software packages that can import rex files. Which is a damn shame, but you work with what you’ve got.

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