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What Was The Hardest Thing You Learned To Do?

hd_boardSo, what was the hardest thing you eventually learned to do? Mine, was mixing. Mixing was so hard for me. Some people that I know, came in as a pure novice, and got the “perfect mix” the first time around. And it kept happening for them.

I was a completely different story. I basically mixed stereo-mono. Or at least that’s what I called it at the time. I didn’t pan much. And if I did, I just panned hard left or right.

Yeah, I would ride faders on everything. And a few weeks later, I’d decide the mix was crap and re-mix it, only to re-re-mix it a week later.

I didn’t have that thing that good engineers had.

All my mixes were muddy. Every one of them. If there were instruments that were fighting for frequency, I’d move the fader up on one of them and after a few weeks, move the fader up on the other one.

It was a complete mess.

When I EQ’d, I over EQ’d. Every time. All the time.

With the friends that did actually record with me, I made sure not to charge them anything because I basically sucked.

I couldn’t mix worth shit. So I gave them a ballpark figure of what a good mix might sound like until I could learn to actually mix.

Then I realized, that’s how you learn. You either learn by watching a good engineer do it. Or you learn the hard way. Which is the way I learned and the way most people learn it.

I believe it does take a good engineer to teach someone how to do it in the end. It’s extremely hard to learn how to do it all by yourself. My advice is to get a subscription to Recording Magazine and EQ Magazine. Then start going to the library or to a book store and get you something by an engineer who’s actually IN the field and read it. A few times.

Going on the internet to see how to do it via Youtube is an awesome start, You can learn a lot by typing in what you want to know about in youtube, but a beginner needs a good engineer to point them into the right direction.

One weekend, I’m going to build a page on this blog that has everybody I recommend and why. I hope you look to it as an honest page of what a producer recommends. BECAUSE HE ACTUALLY TRIED EVERYTHING ON THE PAGE!!! I know there are a lot of shyster’s that recommend things on the internet that have personally never tride anything they recommend. Who know’s why, maybe because the pakage “looks good”.

But looking good and actually SOUNDING good is the real question you have to answer to yourself. I know Pro Tools is good because I’ve used that for the last 10 years. I know FL Studio is good, because I’ve been using it to created music for the last 5 to 6 years. I know there are specific microphones that are good. Some, you’ve already heard of, like the SM 57 and 58 and the Audio Technica 4040 or the Audio Technica 4041. Yeah, I think they’re good because, I’VE USED ALL OF THEM. And I like them.

I’ve went on a tangent again. What were we talking about?

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