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When Did You Know You Wanted To Record And Mix?

studio-04This is a good question. I’d like to know what you think because I know how it was for me. Are we all musicians? I know I was. I got tired of paying for crappy mixes. They told me and my bandmates: “You want to mix on a different day then you record”. I hated that. But the fact of the matter is it was true. As much as I hated it at the time. When I started recording other people I figured a way around it, I’d give them a “demo mix” to bring home and give me some suggestions.

I know when I was going to other studios I didn’t want to hear that, because there were deadlines, either the industry wanted a finish product or the club did. And having to wait extra days appealed to me about 0 from 100 percent.

That’s when I decided the only thing to do was to build a studio for us. We were doing soundtracks that “could have” made some good exposure. We weren’t in Taxi at that time. So coming across oppertunities like that were rare. So rare that we got off our butts and started working.

Clubs always want to hear you before they hire you. You’ll find that out as you go along. But also, People will want to hear you before they want anything to do with you too.

The only recommendation? Record all the time.

That could be hard and it could be easy. You could become a part of the DAW generation, or you can let everybody else control what you do when you do it and for how much money.

We chose to have control.

We started noticing something. We started to sound like shit. I mean, worse than we ever have. Could it be a different engineer? Of course, it was me. And at the time I put out shitty work.

It’s no wonder we didn’t get on any of the “cool soundtracks” (as of right now, we’re still not in Taxi).

Eventually, we started sounding good. And that was only because I read alot about recording and mixing, and screwing up everybody else’s mixes, including my own.

After about six months, I started to actually turn out good mixes. I learned the hard way. It is only by sucking for so long that you can come up with a good mix.

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