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MXL Mic’s : My confession

mxl-992This is embarrassing to say, I’ve never tried the MXL mic’s. Any of them. For the last five years or so, I’ve “been getting around to it”.

But I’ve heard basically nothing but good things about them (and the Marshalls too actually) and I’ve been wanting to get one for a good long time. But never got around to it.
I’ve heard they sound fantastic for the price.

I’ve heard them in hundreds of mixes and I they sound good from the board. I’ve just never seen them used in application or anything else. I’m sure they’re good. I’m sure I’ll get around to it. But I haven’t yet.

I’m either too stupid or too busy.

But I’m going to buy at least one large diaphragm, even if it’s used. And I’m going to buy at least two small diaphragms even if they’re used in pairs.
What’s your experience with any of the MXL’s?

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