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Songwriting Structure – This Is Extremely Important

treble-clefI don’t want this post to end up with me ranting about people not paying attention to what they’re writing when they’re writing songs. I really don’t. But I’ve noticed the same things come up with band after band, songwriter after songwriter. And I’m sure you have too.

It runs rampant on the internet. It’s only because people don’t let these songwriters know what they’re doing so they keep doing it. That one thing is structure.

Song structure is very important. It can make or break a good song and it can do the same with a finished mix. You can’t make a song with a bad structure good.

We as a culture expect structure in a song. We expect there to be a verse, a chorus, another verse. And it wouldn’t surprise us in the least if we heard a bridge to break things up. We expect that. If you don’t have structure, you’re giving us less than what we expect.

We expect melody. We expect there to be the same number of syllables in the verse so the melody doesn’t go astray.

We expect the chorus to be something we can remember, something original, something only you can come up with. It isn’t all the songwriter’s fault, it’s our fault too, by not telling them.

Who knows the heights some of these songwriters would go if they knew about structure.They could very well be the next superstars or award winning writers if they had someone to show them.

They aren’t being encouraged enough, they’re not being criticed enough.

Not only is structure important for them to know, it’s important for us to know.

I guess what I’m saying is this is what I believe:

Good structure = Good mixes

Good mixes = More people that want to work with you

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