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Tool Dependence – Which Tool Do You Use Most?

tool-dependenceOver the years, I’ve created hundreds of songs with my computers. And for the most part, I still have the multi track sessions. Thank God.

I listen to a song I’ve been working on and think “the drums from song x would be great with this. I need to make a sample of those drums”. I can’t believe how much that happens with me. It seems like I’m loosing more and more creativity as I age. 🙂

So my tool dependence is obviously Propellerheads’ Recycle. To be such a simple program, I use it every single day. If it’s not me that needs it, it’s one of the hiphop acts I record that needs it. They’ll come in with these crazy drum loops in 135 bpm and want me to slow it down to 90 or something like that.

If you’re changing tempo on drum loops alot, Recycle is the perfect software. And with so many recording software packages that can read rex files (FL Studio, Logic, Protools, etc.), it makes it an obvious choice. Even if you’re using a software that doesn’t support it, it can help out a lot. You can export to wav files.

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