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Open Letter To Apple

Dear Apple,

appleYou used to be so cool. You used to be so hip. What happened to you? Why are you leaving your developers in the dark? You tell them that you’re releasing the OS update in the Fall, and you turn right around and release it in August and don’t tell anybody about it.

Have you gotten so important and pigheaded that you have the nerve to think you’re better than your developers and most of all, your users?

Keeping your developers out of the loop is one thing, but when YOUR CUSTOMERS update, we actually expect our software to keep up.

In case you may have forgotten, this is how you keep your developers in the loop…

You tell your developers when you’ll be releasing the update so THEY CAN MAKE SURE THEIR SOFTWARE IS COMPATIBLE!!!!!  And then stick to it!! In other words, they need to make sure YOUR CUSTOMERS have what they need when they update.

It’s really simple. Keep your developers in the loop and your customers won’t be pissed off at you and they won’t consider going to another computer platform.

If you keep your developers out of the loop you’re going to have pissed off customers.

You really can’t afford to look worse than you already look in public right now. Especially with the government looking at you for the monopolistic way you run iTunes. And giving fickle and vague reasons for why you do things.

Stop being ridiculous!

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