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What’s More Important To You Recording Or Writing?

writingorrecordingIf you’re not a musician, recording is obviously the most important to you. You are also at a disadvantage. You are at the mercy of other musicians to record. When you’re just starting out, it will be hard to find a really good band willing to have you record them. But if you’re not a musician, you have no other choice. You have to start out charging people lower than anyone else.

If writing is the most important and you can record, being able to go from idea to physical product is powerful.

I’m one of those who’s songwriting is more important. I’m glad I’m able to record and mix. Not only do I get to make a record quickly with my music, I can also make a record of any other musician’s songs. That ability has improved my recording experience several times over. So I’m able to record better quality recordings. For myself as well as other musicians.

If you’re a musician, not being able to record is a disadvantage. YOu’re at the mercy of the people like me recording you and you’re not always in a position to be able to record things as quickly. It’s not like you get an idea at 2 in the morning and immediately record it.

The best possible thing then is being able to record. With computer recording the way it is, you can learn quickly without much money.

Even if you’re just beginning and have trouble mixing, you’re still way ahead of musicians who can’t record. In the end, your mixes are going to suck just starting out. Having a bad mix is a hell of a lot better than having no mix at all.

So if you’re just thinking about getting into recording, the rewards far outweigh the problems of learning how to do it. So, I would say, just get started.

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