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New Favorite VSTi List

synth1I’ve been trying out a bunch of different VSTi’s while working on the Nine Inch Nails multitracks(you can download the multitracks here by the way). I’ve been going a little crazy with them.

The ones I’ve been impressed with during the last two weeks have all been free VSTi’s that you can download and use.

So here is my top three VSTi’s

Synth 1

I was talking about this in a post a couple of days ago. The one that’s impressed me the most is Synth 1. If you’re a beginner to sound design, I’d highly recommend downloading Synth 1. It’s very simple to use and it won’t confuse you about what everything does. It comes loaded with presets also. So you can get going with one of those and tweak to your hearts desire.


Another VSTi that I really like is Stylus by Spectronics. It’s basically a crazy drum machine multitrack sampler. Ever since I’ve gotten it I’ve been coming up with some insane things that I wouldn’t have ever thought about. It does have a price tag though. But in my opinion, it’s worth every cent. It’s inspired some really crazy things I’ve  been doing.

Edorial Orchestral

Edorial Orchestral is a hugely awesome VSTi that I’ve come to depend on. I’ve also heard more than enough things about Garriton’s VSTi’s but I don’t own any of those right now. That will change in a couple of weeks. I’ve heard Garriton’s demo’s and I’m very impressed. Judging by the demos I’ve heard, they sound better than Edorial Orchestral in my opinion, but Orchestral is still what I use in situations when I need some good string accompaniment.

On a side note about the NIN multitracks, I’ve been taking Trent Reznor’s vocal tracks and running them through Melodyne. Melodyne is much like the Auto-Tune that’s so popular in pop music right now. But I think Melodyne is a lot better. I’ve been using Melodyne to alter the melody in Trent Reznor’s vocal tracks with some really awesome results.

I can see right now I’ve been focusing on paid VSTi’s for too long. I shouldn’t have ignored the free ones for as long as I did. That was a big mistake. I’ve learned it really pays to find out what my fellow bloggers are saying. I wouldn’t have heard about it any other way.

Also a couple worth mentioning are the VSTi’s that come with the recording packages. There’s some really good ones  on those like FPC that comes with FL Studio Producer addition(I’m not sure if they come on any other addition, so  you’d need to check that out). Steinberg, obviously comes with good ones too.

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