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POD Farm For Nothing

PODFarmLine 6 is offering their POD Farm for free to anyone that uses either an iLok USB Smart Key or a compatible Line 6 product. POD Farm has 42 guitar amplifiers and cabinet simulations (all patterned after famous amplifiers and cabinets), 10 bass amplifiers and cabinets, and even 29 stompboxes and studio effects with 6 mic preamps simulators.

That’s an awesome array of stuff. And I can tell you, being a user since POD 2.0, this is a high quality product they’re giving away.

As much as I’d like to believe they’re doing this for the love of guitarists everywhere, I don’t. Usually when someone offers a piece of paid software for free, it means they’ll be upgrading the product extensively and they want to get into the upgrade market.

I’m sure that’s what this is. But who cares really? It’s free and it’s a quality product. If you’re a line6 user and you don’t already have POD Farm, you need to download this.

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