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Sony SoundForge 10 Released Today

sonysoundforgePlease bear with me because most of this information is from a press release and I thought you’d want to know. I’ve personally not tried it myself. So I can’t give any opinions at this time. But with the feature list, I can give a little of what I’m thinking.

As a side note, I was always a fan of Sonic Foundry, the company that used to produce this package, but I’m not a big Sony fan at all.

Sony has released their new version of SoundForge. The new features are event-based editing, disc-at-once CD burning, iZotope 64-bit SRC (sample rate conversion), MBIT+ dither (bit-depth conversion), musical instrument file processing, and Pro timestretch/pitch shift plug-in.

Event-based editing – This is mostly aimed at mastering from what I can gather. There’s nothing new here.

Customizable Window Layout – I’m glad they added this option for their users. That’s about all I can say only that it should have been standard in the first place.

Izotope powered mastering bundle – Now this is impressive. It comes standard with the new version?

Interactive tutorials – Ok, so yes a lot of other packages have this but it’s nice to know this one does too.

So, I have to be honest. I had version 8, wasn’t too impressed with it, and when I got a new machine I didn’t bother putting it back on.

It looks like most of the improvements for this version is in the mastering arena.

I do have an interest in film, so this will likely change. With what I’ve read in the press release, I’m going to consider getting this. But I have to see what else is out there, as I said, I’m not a big fan of Fony. I mean Sony.

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