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Recording Different Styles Of Music Will Liven Up Your Own

Some people I’ve worked with don’t like to try many new things. I can’t blame them, if it’s not broken don’t fix it. But doing things the same way for long starts to get a little boring. You aren’t pushing boundaries. You are just putting the same stuff you’ve been putting out.

For those of us (myself included) that get board with the same way to do things, we need to freshen up our chops from time to time. What better way to do it than recording a different style of music. Something we’re not familiar with.

Two years into recording, I was getting board with recording rock all the time. That’s when I met some hiphop artists and started working with them. It was great. It was like I was experiencing the whole learning process again.

Learning different ways to record different styles of music really starts the creative process like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

If you’re growing a little stagnant with what you’re recording, I highly recommend going out and meeting new people in a different style of music than your own. The absolute worst thing that could come out of it would be that you learned something.

After rock and hiphop, I eventually went on to country, bluegrass(one of my personal favorites to record), and synthpop.

After you’ve recorded with a different style of music, you can look at your main style of music with new eyes and come up with some really great ideas and make the recordings even better.

That’s the way it is with me. Whenever I start to get tired of doing the same ol same ol, I’ll go to one of my friends in another style of music, record them for a couple of weeks, and I pick back up on my recordings and be able to come up with new fresh ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

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