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What’s So Special About The Sure PG42 Condenser Microphone?

Sure-PG42-Condenser-MicrophoneI recently had a chance to try the Sure PG42 Condencer Microphone during a session when a vocalist brought it in and said he would only record with it. I told him I had an Audio Technica 4040 that was almost just like it, but he didn’t want to hear that.

Now, you have to keep in mind that this vocalist wasn’t very “good” in my eyes. He rarely sang in key, which ment I’d have to use my Melodyne extensively. When we started recording, I couldn’t believe how warm and full this guy sounded. Now, whenever I heard him, he was singing through a Sure SM 58, and it sounded less than ideal.

But I couldn’t believe how he sounded through this mic. It sounded so well, I went out and got me a couple of them. That, with my Oasis preamp made this guy shine. So I decided to test while the band was on a break, and I decided to try my shittiest preamp I had. He sounded almost as warm and full with that too.

If you’re in the market for an affordable condenser mic, I would get the Sure PG42 Condenser Mic, because I’ve tried it on my shittiest of shitty equipment and it still was warm and full. This is exactally where I got mine, It’s at Musiciansfriend.com. You should really Try It Out.

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