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M Audio Fast Track Pro Problems

November 16, 2009 Leave a comment

fast-track-proI’ve had a lot of problems getting the Fast Track Pro set up. I’ve actually had to reinstall the software. It doesn’t work when you need it to, it only works with certain software. That kind of thing.

I’m not sure how much more problems this thing’s worth. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ran into problems either. Maybe if I were running on XP it would work better. There are a few things I’ve found out while trying to get it set up like:

– It won’t run on 64 bit system

– The Protools demo they give you will not work (at least on vista it won’t)

– If you go online, most people have the same problems with it.

– I haven’t heard from M Audio so apparently they aren’t supporting it.

This is fairly disappointing.  M Audio should show a little more class in my opinion.


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Spectronics Stylus and Getting Unstuck

November 3, 2009 3 comments

Spectrasonics Stylus RMXI’ve made no secret of my fondness for Stylus. I’m so glad something like this has come along, if you don’t already have it, you really need to get it as it’s awesomeness is beyond compare.

When I’m stuck, I usually pull it up and it inspires me to the point where ideas start to come to me. Even if I don’t end up using the tracks I’ve created with it.

I wish there were more “idea generators” out there, but for me it’s mostly the stylus. Granted sometimes it happens when I Synth 1 up, but by and large it’s the Stylus that gets me started flowing ideas again.

I haven’t tried any of their other products yet, but I’ve been told they work like Stylus. I’ve never really looked in to it, but I should. Anyway, they may have a demo or something so you can see for yourself if you don’t have one.

It’s really good for generating ideas.

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