My name is Larry and I’m from a rural Alabama town and I’ve been recording music for ten years. My first system was a Digidesign ProTools 001 system. Looking back now, I’m glad I made the decision to go with ProTools because I’ve worked with so many people that bring in ProTools format sessions from big studios and want me to record overdubs so they can take them back to the bigger studios for mixdown.

I used to be a die hard ProTools freak because it was basically the easiest system to run. That an %90 of studios have a ProTools system.

Anyway, I’ve recorded rock, hiphop, country, bluegrass, gospel, Contemporary Christian, trance, techno, and a little of pop music. My favorite is rock, hiphop and trance.

Also, my blog is not an instructional blog. I believe there are some really great other blogs that do that, but I’m a very bad teacher. What I want to do with this is talk about my experience with recording and mixing. If you learn something, that’s awesome, but if you’re here, you probably know the basics already and even some of the harder stuff, so I’m not going to be any use to you. All except if you like hearing things that happen with other people who record and mix. And sharing your opinions about it as well as software.

Ok, I’m getting tired of writing about myself, I may update this page sometime later…


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