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ASK Video Is Going To Release A Record DVD

August 31, 2009 Leave a comment

ASKVideo-RecordMy favorite tutorial video producer ASK Video is working on a Propellerhead Record DVD Tutorial. Those guys are really fast! If you’ve ever watched any of their videos, you know they put out quality. The main thing I like is they go over things you wouldn’t find any other way.

Another huge thing for me is they present things in a way that you can watch for a couple of hours at a time and not get board. I say that’s big but it’s actually HUGE. There are a LOT of boring tutorials out there. Watching those in one sitting brings tears to your eyes.

I’ve now started to turn to them before anyone else every time I get a new software package or update any of my older ones. I’ve gotten burned a few times. I’m not going to name any names, but some tutorials shouldn’t be availible for free much less for fee.

Anyway, you can pre-order it if you like the Record software. I’m probably going to get the software, but not until they officially release it. And then I’m going to get this DVD.

Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices And Tools

July 30, 2009 Leave a comment

mixing-audio-bookI’ve been feeling kind of bad ever since the negative post I made about Ableton’s Live. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like that software, but I figured I needed to say something good about the stuff I actually do like.

Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices, And Tools

I’ve read many recording, mixing, editing types of books and I can honestly say this book is the best I’ve read so far. He goes into the details of mixing basically with a fine tooth comb. Nothing is left out that I’ve seen.

It even comes with a DVD to illustrate what he means by subjects like standing waves, flutter echo, and many other ideas that baffles most new producers and engineers.

The DVD has a bunch of different mixes of the same audio files that I found particularly fastenating. I’m not finished with it yet, but from chapter one to nine at least it’s been a really good experience.

There’s a lot in there that I already knew, but there was so much more that I didn’t.

The next book I’m going to read is Bruce Swedien’s autobiography.

Propellerhead’s Recycle Problems

July 28, 2009 Leave a comment

propellerhead-recycle-boxI got Propellerhead’s Recycle a couple of days ago, and I’m finding it hard to understand. Is it so easy that it’s just going over my head? I’ve read the quickstart that comes with the manual, but whenever I do what they’re telling me, I get stumped.

So I went online to find something similar to the Ask Video Tutorials you can get with Reason, but I’m not having any luck. I’ll probably take the weekend to try to figure it out.

I really should have came up with better questions before I got this one. But people I’ve been recording have really been at me to get it. Especially the hiphop guys. They really swear by this. But after I got it, I noticed none of them have volunteered to help me with it.

Those rapping bastards. Silly silly rapping basturds.

So, I know the main thing you can do is save to rex files, but can you also save to aiff or wav? The reason I ask is I don’t have many software packages that can import rex files. Which is a damn shame, but you work with what you’ve got.