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Spectrasonics Stylus: My Mind Is Formally Made Up

August 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Spectrasonics Stylus RMXI’ve been thinking seriously about geting the Stylus for around 2 months. It’s been a hard decision for me, because I can’t always buy new stuff. But now my mind is completely made up. The new editions to Stylus have made it completely stupid for me to consider ANYTHING else.

Their new feature lets you change time signiture “on the fly”. How many times have you created something in a different time signiture and found that most if not all you’re loops are in 4/4?

It won’t chop the loop to fit, it actually restructures it? What? I’ve never heard of it, but I love the idea. I took a clip from youtube to show you what it does. Prepare to be amazed if you haven’t seen it already 🙂

FL Studio For Music Creation

August 4, 2009 Leave a comment

fl-studioLike Reason, it’s hard for me to pick my favorite thing about FL Studio. I guess if I had to do it, it would probably be their piano roll feature. Sometimes I’m at a place where I can’t bring along a midi controller. One obvious place for me would be when I have to work.

Another place is the doctor’s office. I hate waiting. I mean I really hate waiting. The only thing good about it is I can bring in a laptop and a set of headphones and write while I’m waiting.

FL Studio is really good about that because they have an extensive piano roll setup. There’s nothing I can do on my keyboard that I can’t do in the piano roll. Or at least, I haven’t found anything yet.

Reason has this feature too, but it’s not as well developed as FL Studio’s. Which is the reason why I don’t write in Reason.

They’ve came a long way in 10 years and I hope they don’t stop improving. The only thing I’d really like to see improved is their mixer. It’s great, yes. It’s fairly easy, yes. But I believe it could be a little more streamlined.

FL Studio’s mixer isn’t like other mixers, you have to assign it things where as with other editing systems, like Pro Tools or Cubase, you don’t have to worry with it as it automatically assigns files to a track on the board.

Having said all of that, as I’m writing this, FL Studio just locked up on me and I hadn’t saved my work for around 10 minutes. Maybe I’d like an autosave fuction in the next version.

Always save your work after you do anything important to you. As good as a program is, it’s only as good as the operating system that it runs on top of. The one I’m working on right now is Windows Vista, so always save your stuff every minute or so. 🙂