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WordPress Support For Soundcloud

August 15, 2009 Leave a comment

soundcloud logoI’m not going to say much about this because I’ve only been on wordpress for a short while. I don’t really feel it’s my place too. But I really like that is supporting soundcloud.

You can see what said about it in this blog post. And here’s what Soundcloud said about it on their blog as well.

In The Studio With Michael Jackson

August 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Bruce SwedienIf you haven’t seen the peice on Bruce Swedien in Mix Magazine yet, you should really check it out. In the interview, he shares a couple of stories about Quincy Jones.

He also talks about his upcoming book “In The Studio With Michael Jackson”. Here’s one quote from the interview:

“Though the book was in production for many years we did not anticipate its release coinciding with the events of the last few weeks,” states Aaron Lefkove of Hal Leonard Books. “As engineer, Swedien was, along with producer Quincy Jones, one of the creative partners and architects of Jackson’s sound. The book is part anecdotal memoir, part technical reference, and paints a vivid portrayal of Michael Jackson as an artist.”

Pro Audio Software Squidoo Page

August 3, 2009 Leave a comment

pro-audio-software-squidooI just start a Squidoo page for pro audio software. It’s geared for the beginner to help find the right software for them. It’s very elementary, but I tried my best. It talks mainly about music creation as well as recording, editing, and mixing.

Hopefully anyone looking will get something out of it. It took a fairly long while to write.

Here it is:

Pro Audio Software